About Cedar Valley
Cedar Valley was a construction project of New Fortis Corporation which ran from 1986–1991. We have 86 townhomes in total. Positioned inside the planned community of Adams Farm, we actually have our own home owners’ association, which was established by
New Fortis upon completion of the first phase of homes (at the bottom of Cedar Branch Drive). It’s important to note that Cedar Valley is private property, from the entrance off Bridle Ridge Parkway, all the way around the wooded perimeter. The property is divided in to real estate plots, such as yours, and common areas, which are owned by all the homeowners in Cedar Valley. The woods are owned by Adams Farm Community Association, Inc. This means that we in Cedar Valley are responsible for our streets, and Adams Farm does not mow our yards or trim our trees (unfortunately). The benefit to this is that we in the neighborhood have much more power to determine how the neighborhood looks, so that property values can stay up as much as possible.
About Our Homeowners’ Association
All homeowners in Cedar Valley together make up the membership of Cedar Valley Townhome Association, Inc., a non-profit corporation which is governed by a number of public record documents. These include our articles of incorporation, by-laws, and covenants. 
As part of the larger Adams Farm community, Cedar Valley members receive the benefits of Adams Farm as well. This includes access to all walking trails, playground equipment, soccer field, picnic areas, doggie stations, and regular patrols by unmarked police cars for added security. Cedar Valley members must also pay quarterly dues to Adams Farm of $66.00. You can contact Adams Farm at 336-315-2187 or adamsfarm.org.
The purpose of our homeowners’ association (HOA) is to do as much as possible to maintain property values in Cedar Valley by repairing the exterior of homes (and the mailbox center), repairing streets, maintaining an attractive look to the exterior of homes, ensuring the proper working order of street lights, and the landscaping of common areas. The neighborhood has completed several large projects over the past several years that have resulted in all new roofs, vinyl siding, and new paved roads. We are always looking at ways to improve the neighborhood and are working on landscaping updates next.